Check box at gridview using FixedCheckBoxColumn

Hi all,

I have successfully create checkbox to my gridview using FixedCheckBoxColumn extension, and it works fine at localhost / my PC. But, after I uploaded it to hosting server, complete with the yii and extension the error shown. here is the error message : YiiBase::include(/path/to/domain/www/yii/framework/zii/widgets/grid/CCheckboxColumn.php) [<a href=‘yiibase.include’>yiibase.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory.

Anyone can guess ?


As the error says it cannot include (read) this file - /path/to/domain/www/yii/framework/zii/widgets/grid/CCheckboxColumn.php

So check that you have that file in that folder … and that is readable by the web process…

thanks mdomba,

it solved. the problem is file naming case sensitive. At local there is no problem for naming case insensitive, but hosting yes. So to solve this problem just rename the file name. thanks.

I too, want to populate check box list in my record display. Using this option, I want to delete record(s). So can you give me idea to create checkbox in CGridView?

There is some error with case sensitive file system.

Make sure that the case of the file is the same in all files where you call.