check a value in chtml radio button list

Hi all,

I have a radio button list having the values, true, false, unknown. I would like to check one of thses depending on a value returned from the db. Can anybody please tell me how to go about this.

My code is as follows:

<div class="compactRadioGroup"> <?php

           echo CHtml::radioButtonList('choice','',array('true'=>'true','false'=>'false','unknown'=>'unknown'), array( 'separator' => "  ")); 


Thanks in advance

<div class="compactRadioGroup"> <?php

          // include your model attribute's value on the select parameter

           echo CHtml::radioButtonList('choice',$model->choice,array('true'=>'true','false'=>'false','unknown'=>'unknown'), array( 'separator' => "  ")); 



    echo CHtml::activeRadioButtonList($model, 'choice',array('true'=>'true','false'=>'false','unknown'=>'unknown'), array( 'separator' => "  "));

But in this case the "name" attribute of this input will be different of "choice".

Thanks antonio. That did the trick:)