Chapter 8: rbac tables

Hi - I am learning so much, so quickly from this book and I’m stoked.

Unfortunately I’m a total newbie and cannot get the rbac shell command to work. Instead of spending time trying to get the command to work, could I get away with just INSERTing data directly into the rbac tables? If so, does anybody have a csv file with the data (or something I can import / insert data with) ? I don’t understand enough of the RbacCommand.php file to know what the data looks like.

Many thanks in advance.

Here are some insert statements that might help move you along:

[sql]INSERT INTO AuthItem VALUES (‘admin’,2,’’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘adminManagement’,1,‘access to the application administration functionality’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘createIssue’,0,‘create a new issue’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘createProject’,0,‘create a new project’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘createUser’,0,‘create a new user’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘deleteIssue’,0,‘delete an issue from a project’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘deleteProject’,0,‘delete a pro-ject’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘deleteUser’,0,‘remove a user from a project’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘member’,2,’’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘owner’,2,’’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘reader’,2,’’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘readIssue’,0,‘read issue information’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘readProject’,0,‘read project information’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘readUser’,0,‘read user profile information’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘updateIssue’,0,‘update issue information’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘updateProject’,0,‘update project information’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL),(‘updateUser’,0,‘update a users information’,NULL,‘N;’,NULL);

INSERT INTO AuthItemChild VALUES (‘admin’,‘adminManagement’),(‘member’,‘createIssue’),(‘owner’,‘createProject’),(‘owner’,‘createUser’),(‘member’,‘deleteIssue’),(‘owner’,‘deleteProject’),(‘owner’,‘deleteUser’),(‘admin’,‘member’),(‘owner’,‘member’),(‘admin’,‘owner’),(‘admin’,‘reader’),(‘member’,‘reader’),(‘owner’,‘reader’),(‘reader’,‘readIssue’),(‘reader’,‘readProject’),(‘reader’,‘readUser’),(‘member’,‘updateIssue’),(‘owner’,‘updateProject’),(‘owner’,‘updateUser’);

INSERT INTO AuthAssignment VALUES (‘admin’,‘1’,NULL,‘N;’);[/sql]

This is rad - thank you very much.

I actually got the rbac command to work last night. For anybody using Media Temple’s grid service, you have to change the connectionString in the main.php config file so it points to their internal ip. This is different than the connection for the webapp.

This book is awesome!