Chapter 8 rbac command line issue

I am working at trackstar Agile book application chapter 8.

i put the the "RbacCommand.php" class to application "trackstar/protectedcommands/shell/" folder

and have already updated component array in main.php with




But as i open the yiic shell and typed help then there don’t appear the new command i.e.


any help please ?

Please find the attachment for files which are related to this section.

It is solved i was using wrong command

<%root of your installed Yii folder %>yiic shell C:\xampp\htdocs\trackstar\protected\commands\shell\RbacCommand.php

instead of above command it should be :-

<%root of your installed Yii folder %>yiic shell C:\xampp\htdocs\trackstar\protected\config\main.php

After this command i got what are expected.