Chapter 7 Updating Our Common Audit History Columns Page 151-152

Hello everobody!!

I am new to Yii Framework and i have an issue at Chapter 7, page 151-152.

When i modify the ProjectTest.php with the following code:

[i]//set the application user id to the first user in our users fixture data


  //save the new project, triggering attribute validation



/[i]/ensure the user associated with creating the new project is the same as the applicaiton user we set

    //when saving the project

    [b]$this->assertEquals(Yii::app()->user->id, $retrievedProject->create_user_id);[/b][/i]

and when i run my ProjectTest.php file in PHPUnit 3.7.18 i get this error:

[i]Failed asserting that null matches expected ‘1’.


line 35 is the bold one.

Can anyone help me please???