Chapter 2 - invoking yiic shell

I am a newbie to Yii and love it so far. I am a veteran PHP developer with an MVC background, so this whole framework is great for me.

I am working thru the various examples. Successfully created the "demo" web app BUT when trying to do the simple "Hello Word" example, I have tried to invoke the yiic shell both from my Yii root and from the demo web directory but only get a PHP script.

YiiRoot/framework/yiic shell

I have tried (from the demo directory):

 protected/yiic shell

I have followed instructions both in the book and on this forum.

When I do this from the demo directory:


I get:

Yii command runner (based on Yii v1.1.10)

Usage: protected/yiic <command-name> [parameters...]

The following commands are available:

 - message

 - migrate

 - shell

 - webapp

To see individual command help, use the following:

   protected/yiic help <command-name>

Since this seems right, I try:

protected/yiic shell

Same result.


Thanks so much for any help


I just discovered the following which seems to solve the problem. I suspect that it is related to Terminal and Bash.

php demo/protected/yiic shell demo/protected/config/main.php

This seems to have done the trick

Hola, esto se realiza navegando hasta la carpeta de la aplicación donde esta el script de entrada <<index.php>> y luego se ejecuta <<./protected/yiic shell>> y se podrá acceder a la shell.

Hi, this is done by navigating to the application folder where is the entry script <<index.php>> and then run <<./protected/yiic shell>> and the shell can access.