Chapter 12 admin 404

Hi Guys, sorry I am very new to Yii

Got stuck on the beginning of chapter 12, after the admin module is created, all i get is (404, Unable to resolve the request "admin/default/index".) when visit localhost/trackstar/admin/default/index,

I’ve been reading and re-read the beginning of the chapter several times, but I just dont know what I have done wrong. I basically generated the module using gii and then added admin under the module,






		 	// If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.





anyone has any ideas? Yii version 1.1.9, there was something strange when I generate the module, The "DefaultController.php" had series of number append to the end of the file name, i had to rename the file.

Generating code using template "/opt/lampp/htdocs/framework/gii/generators/module/templates/default"…

generated modules/admin/AdminModule.php

generated modules/admin/components

generated modules/admin/controllers/DefaultController.php0000644

generated modules/admin/messages

generated modules/admin/models

generated modules/admin/views/default/index.php

generated modules/admin/views/layouts


Thanks in advance.


Found the problem, it’s either a bug in yii 1.1.9 or my system (but i tried several times) turn out the default controller generated by Gii is incomplete. After checking and fixing it, it’s working as it should. In case anyone else find it useful. (I should have checked)