[chap 3] cant not install selenium & cant find [protected/tests/phpunit.xml]


Iam following Agile Web Application Devlopment with Yii 1.1

In chapter 3, page 46.

Problem 1 : To install selenium server i typed on cmd (I’m using Window 7)

[font="Courier New"]java -jar selenium-server.jar[/font]

It ran, but after that, it did nothing else (see figure attached, the forum not allow link)

Problem 2: I cant find find [protected/tests/phpunit.xml]

[/protected/tests/unit/] folder is still empty

Please show me how to solve these issues. Also, anyone can give me the link to any full tutorials to setup evironment for Yii such as install PEAR, PHPUnit, Selenium RC (aka Selenium Server), … I’ve just done with PEAR installed