Changing the order of rendering items in ListView with yii2-scroll-pager -- Yii2 chat module

I want to make a chat system in my web application which is made with Yii2, at the moment I am using ListView for rendering the chat messages and yii2-scroll-pager extension for loading more messages. but the problem is ListView renders items in the order and scroll-pager fires load more even when I scroll down to the last item but what I want to achieve is, that I should not scroll down instead I should scroll up to load more messages, for example.

Current state

  • Message 1
  • Message 2
  • Message 3
  • Message 4
  • Message 5 – when I scroll down to this message it fires load more event.

Desired outcome

  • Message 5 – when I scroll up to this item event of loading more items should be fired.
  • Message 4
  • Message 3
  • Message 2
  • Message 1

Here is my current stage of code.

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                        'itemOptions' => ['tag' => false],
                        'options' => [
                            'tag' => 'ul',
                            'class' => 'chat-message',
                            'id' => 'chat-messages'
                        'dataProvider' => $msgDataProvider,
                        'itemView' => "_chat_item",
                        'summary' => '',
                        'pager' => [
                            'class'=> \kop\y2sp\ScrollPager::className(),
                            'triggerOffset' => $msgDataProvider->pagination->pageSize,
                            'enabledExtensions' => [
                            'container' => "#chat-messages",
                            'item' => ".message-item",
                            'paginationSelector' => '#chat-messages .pagination',
                            'overflowContainer' => '.scrollbar-wrapper',
                            'noneLeftText' => 'No more messages.'
                    ]); ?>


public function actionInbox()
        $thread = 2;
        $dataProvider = new ActiveDataProvider([
            'query' => Chat::find()
                ->where(['from_user' => $thread, 'to_user' => \Yii::$app->user->getId()])
                ->orWhere(['from_user' => \Yii::$app->user->getId(), 'to_user' => $thread]),
            'pagination' => [
                'pageSize' => 5
            'sort' => [
                'defaultOrder' => [
                    'id' => SORT_DESC,
        return $this->render("inbox", ['dataProvider' => $dataProvider]);

Order by created time DESC

Well, I think this is not about SQL query, this is more related to sorting when rendering. So even if I select by created_at DESC then dataprovider object will return items like this…
Array(Latest message, 2nd last message, 3rd last, 4th last)
but I want them to be sorted like.
Array(4th last, 3rd last, 2nd last, Latest message)

Is this your thinking or you did an actual test?

Hi, @usama and @evstevemd

So you want to start from the bottom page of the list (i.e., the latest chat items) and scrolling UP to the earlier pages (i.e., earlier chat items). I agree that it is a good UI design. Some commercial softwares (like LINE and others) suppots this kind of behavior.

But, I don’t think yii2-scroll-pager supports this behavior. I believe that it supports only the opposite direction of scrolling … I mean starting from the top page and scrolling DOWN to the next pages.

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I hope this might be some help to you.

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