Changing CGridView behaviour from AJAX to POST

I tried to solve it myself, but I’m stucked! :[

What is the best way to change CGridView so pagination and sorting would go through normal POST request instead of default AJAX call-update?


Set ajaxUpdate to false?

Thanks! That is obvious! :] I was rather asking, how to change CGridView to work in POST instead of GET. But it turned out that GET is also satisfactory for me. So EoT.

I see…

The GET request is hardcoded in the $.fn.yiiGridView.update() line 173: type: ‘GET’,

A I wrote - this is not a problem for me. But might be for someone else. Then we need to answer the question, if hardcoding GET into jQuery behind CGridView is or isn’t a good idea?

then this parameter will be able change thought view?