Changing an array on form

Hi there!

Getting started on Yii… Having a simple problem to solve.

	public function properties()


		$location = wm()->get('deal.helper')->location();


			$this->model->location = $location;

		return array(

			'action' => array('/deal/subscribe'),

			'elements' => array(

				'location' => array('type' => 'dropdownlist', 'label' => $this->t('City'),

					'items' => wm()->get('location.helper')->locationsAsList()),

				'email' => array('type'=>'text', 'label'=>$this->t('Your email address')),


			'buttons' => array(

				'submit' => array('type' => 'submit',

					'label' => $this->t('Subscribe'))


			'model' => $this->model



I have this code on a form that correctly gets the current page location and all other possible ones, show them on a dropdownlist and let people subscribe to my newsletter. But I’m trying to remove the dropdown and just show the current location name as a text - since it’s highly uncommon someone register to a city other that yours -, speeding the process. How can I do that?

Please, could anyone help with this?!?