changing a url

Trying to pick up the pieces of a website that was dropped in my lap here… have relocated website and moved to a new server. Started with the original server name of and they have now tidied up the name a bit and it is just … So, my first step was to adjust the main.php file in the config folder to reflect the new domain and siteURL. However, these elements are tested against in the code and it breaks other widgets etc if i try this. Also, i am not able to visibly see the site at the new url, with the updated url and domain or the old one? Anyone run into anything like this before?


Have you hardcoded any where this url inside your application.

What exactly you have adjusted?

Can you provide us with link to your website?

Thnx for the help everyone… I’ve got the system up and running now though. All is good! :)

What was the problem?

was actually multiple server related issues… then i adjusted the default port and everything flowed nicely.