change the navigation bar url from yii2 without redirecting

Hello; I would like to change the navigation url that will be send to the browser. The problem is the browser is receiving the route to the action that render the view; I don’t want that and don’t want to redirect.

Is there any way?

What exactly you have and what exactly you need?

Here is my code:


public function actionRegister()


   return $this->render('index');


The controller is called ControllerRegistration; when the user request that action in the web browser url bar the url that will be is www/music/web/index.php?r=registration%2Fregister but I don’t want it to go to the url bar want www/music/web/index.php?r=site%2Findex to appear so that when the user will refresh the page it will take him to the site/index route.