change the localhost path to the web server path

hello everyone,

Could you help me ?

i have developed the application in Yii framework, which is correctly work on local host, but when I uploaded this on the server, all the associated pages , links not working?

I don’t what’s the problem, and how to resolved this?

Should i have to change the path??

If it is, so please tell me, how to change it ?

I am waiting for your response

Your replies will be appreciated.


You can set baseurl wherever you have link, it would be more easy and convenient for you.


thanks, but please tell me in which file I have to change the base URL ???


Please go through this link, Hope it will clear your doubt.

You can edit /path/to/application/protected/config/main.php to change the default value. Add a request component, and configure baseUrl porperty.

return array(

'components' => array(

    'request' => array(

        'baseUrl' => 'Your website name',




thanks for rply …but its not working…


Are you getting any error or something else.

please post your code.