Change row class of ActiveForm

It must be really trivial but I couldn’t find the way to change the row class of an ActiveForm field. I found the ways to change the template, layout, but not the row class! ;) thanks

Try this maybe$options-detail

ended up with my own ActiveForm widget configured this way:

class KickstarsActiveForm extends \yii\bootstrap\ActiveForm


    public $fieldConfig = [ 

        'options' => ['class' => 'row-item clearfix',],

        'labelOptions' => ['class' => 'lbl',],

        'inputOptions' => ['class' => 'txt',],

        'hintOptions' => ['class' => 'rs description-input', 'tag' => 'p'],

        'template' => "{label}\n<div class='val'=>{input}\n{hint}\n{error}</div>"




The field row class is the options attribute