Change permission of directories - Deployment Yii

Hello people,

This is the first time I am using Yii framework and I’m a little bit confused…

When I am trying to deploy my Yii application, I only get a white background.

With the Yii-documentation, I have made several steps.

There is only one step I can’t figure out:

Change the permission of the directories assets and protected/runtime so that they are writable by the Web server process.

How can I change the permissions of both the directories?

Thanks in advance,


// change to your current project directory e.g. /var/www/yourproject

// 1. method: change permissions so that everyone could write the directories

chmod -vR 0777 assests

chmod -vR 0777 protected/runtime

// 2. method: change owner of directories and directories content to webserver user (e.g www-data) and grant write access only to that user

chown -vR www-data assets

chown -vR www-data protected/runtime

chmod -vR 0744 assets

chmod -vR 0744 protected/runtime