Change model attribute naming convention

I am in the process of migrating to PHP & Yii from Java.

While creating the database tables I used ‘_’ to split words. (Eg : ‘first_name’ ). Using gii I auto-generated the models and curd-controllers.

Is there a way to force camel-back notation for attributes in model? (eg:- $employeeObject->firstName instead of $employeeObject->first_name).

I saw in a post that we can override the _get magic function to achieve this, but wondering whether the auto-generated curd-controller honor the getter/setters.

Is there a tutorial/blog explaining this kind of a customization ?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


You would have to change a lot, not only __get also __set, getAttribute and __isset of what I can think right now, maybe more

Its better to leave as it is and recreate your tables

Thanks Gustavo.