Change Layout For Erroraction

Is is possible to change the layout for the errorAction? I’m using different layouts depending whether the user is logged in or not, but in case there’s an error, i don’t want to use those layouts. I see there’s a $view property in the ErrorAction class, but no possibilty to change the layout.

Inside the error action place this command to change the layout: $this->layout = ‘//layouts/errorlayout’ or whatever its name is.

That would work in Yii 1.x, but the error action is no seperate action inside SiteController anymore in Yii 2, but a different class.

Sorry, I didn’t notice it was posted under Yii2. I have to get on with it soon… :)

In your error view, you can assign $this->context->layout = 'yourlayout';

I did it like this.

public function beforeAction($action)


        if ($action->id == 'error')

            $this->layout = 'iframe-main.php';

        return parent::beforeAction($action);


But agree, qiang solution simpler.

Both thanks for the solutions!