Change default redirect in backend -> /backend/site/login

Hello all.

I am using Yii2 practical a template (based in advance app). I am working in backend app, but I want make a change:

When I access to backend URL: //urlwebapp/backend. I am being forwarded (HTTP 302) to //urlwebapp/backend/site/login.

I want this shows the index view (default) for the main backend URL, But I only can see it when Im logged in with a user.

This my backend SiteController index action:

   public function actionIndex()


        return $this->render('index');


I understand that this code sends me to index when I loads //urlwebapp/backend or //urlwebapp/backend/site/index

My htaccess dont looks like the fault cause.

Any can help me with this? Thanks a lot (Sorry my english) I can add more info if its necessary

Read this first Authorization.

Look for behavior() method in SiteController with ‘rules’ => ‘actions’ => ‘index’.

Thanks! I started read these chapter yesterday, but I understand it today :)

Thanks a lot!