Change Cgridview Default Template

Since every admin.php page has the same CGridView template (blue header, alternating rows…) Is it possible to change that template to affect every admin.php page. It would be easier than add your own "template" property to each admin.php

It is easy to change color of alternating rows since they have "even" and "odd" marks, but what about header

Yes it is :) :)

All you need to do is …you have to provide a id to your CGridview then you need to write css properties to overwrite default Cgrdview css.

I hope if you are aware with Writing inheritate CSS then you can write css like

#cgridID table {

//new properties


#cgridID table th,tr, {

//new property


.....and so on.

i hope you got the point.what i am trying to say. ;) So, if you will do change in CSS as i explained then it will not create any problem.:)

I know how to do it. Thanks, I’ll check it out and see :D