Change blueprint to Twitter Bootstrap as default css framework

some days ago, twitter release the bootstrap toolkit 2.0, it’s simple and perfect, hope the yii 2.0 Change blueprint to Twitter Bootstrap as default css framework.

  thank u <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

It looks much, much better than Bootstrap 1.x - so let’s just go for it.

Yes I think it should use bootstrap 2.0, owing to its powerful features and simplistic design.


You should check the excellent work from Chris:

Integration is really easy

I changed my mind again. :)

ZURB Foundation is a much better foundation to flesh out any type out website.

Bootstrap is more like an end-product.

Maybe Yii could adjust so that we can use both?

If not, I’d still prefer foundation over bootstrap.

I guess I have to take both for a spin.

For me it seems that they are almost the same thing by different developers. Even their sites look the same.

ZURB’s prototyping feature leads us to the UI section of docs and you can find the same components in bootsrap’s docs. Also they both have some JS components (tabs, modals, etc).

So in the end it comes to SASS ( vs LESS (

Yii 2.0 should have desktop and mobile friendly UI by default that can be generated by gii :)