change app name

Hi, I want to change the name of my application, some advanced tips? I just rename the main folder or do I need to pay attention to other things?

tnx :)

Not sure what you mean by "application name"… actually there is the application name property that you can set in the config file -

The name of the main application is in the middle path and the name don’t like! I would change, without causing any damage though :)

So that is the name of the folder where your application is located?

If that is the case… just rename the folder… should be no problem… just take into accounts if you have some .htaccess rules for that folder…

If you want to change the path like: http://localhost/mywebapplication/ the bold portion you can just rename it. Or if you want change the application name like My Web Application , Then plz go to this location protected => config open the main.php change the value for name. ‘name’=>‘My Web Application’

Hope this will help you.

I am totally confused!

I have changed name in backend/config/main.php

and common/config/main.php

and frontend/config/main.php

and still it is ‘My Company’!