Change/add module dir

Is it possible to include a module residing in another directory than modules? I’ve tried using “webroot.otherfolder.modules.someModule” in the config, which makes Yii include the right class, but i still can’t access the actions?

Did you change the module path or just added the directory to includes imports?


I’ve tried:


someModule' => array(

'modulePath' => 'webroot.protected.modules.someModuleFolder'


And also including the path with "import".

modulePath is a property of CWebApplication. I believe you should change it to Yii:app()->modulePath to ‘.../.../someModuleFolder’ before you access the module or in index.php before the webapplication is instantiated.


Had a second look at the API reference and realized modulePath is inherited from CModule. Sounds reasonable to change it in what will become Yii::app()->modules->someModule->modulePath.

Also try with a path instead of alias.

(not tested)