Chained form items

I want to create a multiple chained/choise form with a single model.

I mean the user has 5 options from a dropdownlist.

For an example if user selects option 2 from 5 options, I want to display a different dropdown which by default is hidden which also contains a different dropdown with other options.
To say it differently, I want the user according to selection, display different options to choose from until the final save

So the question is:

Is there a Yii way to check if previous form item has value then accordingly display other dropdownlist or form item which is hidden?
and so on?

Yii contains what you submit. If current submission have information about it, your controller will have it. Unless you put forth an example it will all be abtract

Thank you for your answer.

All I needed was dependent dropdowns. Maybe it will help someone and there are extended examples