CGridView won't change page

In one of my views, whenever there are multiple pages in my CGridView, it won’t change the page data. The pagination part will switch to ‘11-20 of 28 result(s)’, but the data won’t actually change.

Here is my controller:

public function actionAdminResults($id){

$model=new Response('search');












and in my view:


<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(









			'filter'=>CHtml::listData(Forms::model()->findByPk($_GET['id'])->Questions, 'ID', 'Question'),





)); ?>


and my search method is just the default, nothing special.


When I switch

$model=new Response('search');

to a different model, it works…

can you post your Response::search() method… I know you wrote that it is a standard one… but when you change the model you use a different search() method… so better check that one…

I don’t have to code in front of me, but I know that the Response model doesn’t have a primary key. Would that be causing the problem?