Cgridview With Dropdownlist Problem

Hi guys,

I’m new at yii and I have a really annoying problem with a dropdownlist.

So basically i have a Gridview which represents a database table. One column is represented by a dropdown list with all available values for this column. Initially the current value is displayed. What I am looking for is some kind of "onchange" function which updates the database when the value is changed. I want to to this with an ajax call.

So here is my implementation of the view

$criteria = new CDbCriteria();

$criteria->select = 'right_desc_r';

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(





            array('name'=> 'actions',

                'type' => 'raw',

                'header' => 'Rights',

                'value' => '$data->actions',





$dataprovider contains all rows as key=>value pairs

for the last column I definded a function getActions in the model which provides the data for this column

(The value of this column is a foreign key to a different table called "Rights")

        public function getActions(){


           return CHtml::dropDownList('right', $this->right_id_ur, CHtml::listData(Rights::model()->findAll(), 'right_id_r', 'right_desc_r'),


                    'ajax' => array(

                    'type'=>'POST', //request type

                    'url' => Yii::app()->createUrl('externaluser/updaterights/'), //url to call.

                     'data' => array(

                         'usr_right_id' => $this->usr_right_id_ur,

                         'right_id' => 'js:this.index',





so if the value of the dropdownlist changes the updaterights action in the externaluser model is called

    public function actionUpdaterights(){

            $m = UserRights::model()->find('usr_right_id_ur='.$_POST['usr_right_id']);




So the problem that I’m facing is, besides the fact that I don’t seem to get the current selected index from ‘js:this.index’, that even if I enter a constant value for ‘usr_right_id’ it is always the last column in the table that gets updated. It seems that in the getAction method “$this->usr_right_id_ur” always returns the id of the last column.

Any help on this topic or an explanation why this happens would be much apprechiated.

Ok, I made some progress here by replacing

'right_id' => 'js:this.index'


'right_id' => 'js:this.selectedIndex'

Now I get the selected right in the updaterights action but what I still don’t understand is, why $this->usr_right_id_ur is always the id of the last entry whereas in the same statement (second argument of dropdownList) i get the right value (the selected value in the dropdownlist)for each column with $this->right_id_ur.