CgridView with Chtml Link GetLink function rendering the all page

Hi, so i have my gridview ->

<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(



        'pager' => array('class' => 'CLinkPager', 'header' => ''),


            /////////////////////// other columns here ///


            'name' => 'Property Name',

            'value' =>" ((\$data->sale_active) ?  CHtml::link(\$data->sale_active->RefName,\$data->sale_active->GetLink())

   : '')",



              /////////////////////// other columns here ///

and when i click Property Name Chtml Link it will get the link GETLINK ( RefName will Get a id plus string ) in a PropertySale Model ->

public function GetLink()


		return ($this->property->type->slug && $this->property->slug)?Yii::app()->createUrl('//propertySale/'.$this->property->type->slug.'/'.$this->property->slug):Yii::app()->createUrl('//propertySale/details', array('id'=>$this->ID));


and when i click on the link cgridview collumn field it renders me the all page and i want just a renderpartial in the section that im in ,

by the way :

Controller -> Property -> render "view" -> a button that renders "other view of a diffrent controller "(that have cgridview in which it gets the data from "X Model that extendes Property model")

I have been Working on this the all week need this ASAP Thanks

I’m not sure that I understood 100% what U want to do, but if U want some action to render just part of page U have to do renderPartial() instead of render. Or if U are using it for both add some condition to determine whether it should do render or renderPartial


public function actionName()


  your code


 &#036;this-&gt;renderPartial('view', [params]);


 &#036;this-&gt;render('view', [params]);