Cgridview Update Problem


I have problem with cgridview on update, I am filtering data more then 30 tables using relationships, BUT When submit button of search form, it return the result but NOT showing on gridview!(Displaying 1-15 of 1938 results: just show 15 rows). Please help!

15 columns or 15 rows?

rows and NOT showing the rest of!

Sorry, I’m a little unclear on the problem. Are the filters not being applied? What do you mean only 15 rows? No pagination?

Let me explain it …

I have more then 80 tables (main table having more then 21,000 rows) in database, client needs advance filters , where i have to add filters from other table using relationship ,I tracing the problem reverse i realize that only many_many relationship creates it. on clicking search button it only shows 15 row out of 65 (not showing the rest of) and pagination limit is 2000.

I was thinking this would be some sort of javascript/ajax problem on Update But is not!. Now this problem is due to many_many relationship!!. any idea?

Taking a wild stab in the dark here but have a look at this post and the post it links to. There are a lot of tricks in there so read carefully.


thanks for reply and suggestion Matt!