CGridView & TreeView

I want to create a table using the CGridView. The functionality I want to include is of grouping the rows and each group having a header(a sort of treeview), so when i check the header’s checkbox all the child’s checkboxes should be checked.

Does anyone know if this is already implemented or how can I achieve this?


Hi makeron,

I was looking for info on the very same subject. How did you solve this, if ever? Any link to docs or useful info?



This is not implemented… only way to achieve something like this is to make a custom class (extend CGridView) and process data the way you need it…

Hi mdomba,

thanks for your reply. I’ll have to dig YII a bit deeper to follow your suggestion, I presume.

If any spare time leftover and you’d like to elaborate a bit, it’ll be welcome any time.



There is an extension for auto check sub things in a tree :

But needs some CSS work to be compatible with CTreeView