Cgridview summary position

I have a problem to make position of summary gridview and pagination in the same way as attached picture. I didn’t find a solution to fix this when I use float :left the pagination is displayed before summary text and when I don’t want to use float right becouse all thing displayed in the right

this is my code:

[font="Lucida Console"][color="#000080"]

echo CHtml::dropDownList(‘pageSize’,$pageSize,array(10=>10,20=>20,25=>25,50=>50,100=>100,9999999=>‘All’),

array(‘style’=>‘width: 100px;padding: 4px 0;text-align: center;float: left;’, ‘onchange’=>"$.fn.yiiGridView.update(‘My-grid’,{ data:{pageSize: $(this).val() }})",


$this->widget(‘zii.widgets.CGridView’, array(





        'pageSize' => 100,


'columns' => array(



        'class' => 'CButtonColumn')


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Have a look here

And the template property

I find the solution thank you for your help. :D