CGridView selectionChanged

Dear All,

I used Bootstrap extension BootModal, to show the BootDetail view of a selected row. I used example in yii playground datetime. However, I found out that my user sometimes accidentally click on a row on the CGridView and bootmodal will pop up. This is annoying to them. I understand that the user level of familiarity to the computers is low, some of the users even never touch komputer before.

Is there any possibility to change the action trigger so that selectionChanged event only will be fired upon double click event not to the single click?

Thank you in advance for your help.



any idea? anyone?

I think you would be better to write a jquery dblclick event handler to popup the dialog, not using selectionChanged event handler of CGridView.

But there’s one thing I’m not certain.

Is it really user friendly to change single click to double click? IIRC, a double clicking is reported to be a problematic UI for complete computer begginers.

I understand that your users are not familiar with computers… but would be better to see why are they clicking the rows if they do not need them… maybe the problem is in the design or something else…

On the other hand if they just like to click on the rows… the same can happen with a doubleclick… in this case… would be better to just use a button for opening a pop up.

I agree, they are not clicking the row in purpose, they are accidentally clicked it. I forgot to mention, old computer with old keyboard and mouse that sometimes click not in the position they want or make twice clicks when they means one click. Hence, I am thinking that if single click can be an accident, you would not make accident twice on the same position.

I take your recommendation. I used button now to display the bootmodal. Thanks mdomba.