CgridView selectionChaged to render div content AJAX


This is too much for me, I have searched around but nothing to solve my problem, here it is.

I have a cgridview with some posts, after click on a row I want to show on a div on the same page (ajax loaded) the content of the post.

I’ve set selectionChanged to update a hiddenField of the form whose action reads form db the content of the post and tries to render it on the div I set to be updated with cgridview.ajaxupdate.

What I get is a new page loaded with the rendered content, but not de div updated.

What I am missing? Any clues?

hi… i have the same problem. The difference is that my div would change depends on the CGridView filter (dropdown). I have no solution this far, but for your problem, you should read this reference : Wish you luck.