Cgridview-Selected-Rows Less Than 1000


as someone in another topic said, “I did my best to search for answers but didn’t find the a solution”.

I have a gridview that is able to display more than 1000 records based on what selection is made in a pageSize dropdown.

However upon selection of all the checkboxes and posting data back to server, am only able to retrieve ids not more than 1000.e.g. 998

Is it a limitation on the part of Yii or am doing something wrong…

In my controller I have…

if (isset($_POST[‘outwards-grid_c0’]))


$pkArray = $_POST[‘outwards-grid_c0’];



If it helps am using SelGridView extension.

I want to get ids for all records selected even if it’s more than 1000.

Thanks in advance for the help.


The problem is not a limitation in yii. I was able to show 1228 rows (all the database entries) with ID up to 1241.

I used the command


in the controller to increase the page size.

Do you have any selection criteria that might limit the output?

Is the limit that you are encountering on the number of records or on the ID field?