CGridView rowspan

Hi everyone,

I have read all forum topics related to my question, but i did not find any solution.

I am working with CGridView and should use rowspan and colspan tag together.

The attached cgridview_1.png is the normal CGridView layout, but I’d like to rowspan the cell with the checkbox, and then colspan the new ones (like in cgridview_2.png).

My code now is something like this:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(











				'name' => 'id',


				'value' => '$data->id',

				'sortable' => true,

				'htmlOptions'=>array('style'=>'text-align: center'),



				'name' => 'col',


				'value' => 'test',






The desired HTML code is (for a row, like in cgridview_2.png):

<tr class="odd">

	<td width="5" rowspan="2"><input type="checkbox" name="rows[]" id="ccc_1" value="1"></td>

	<td style="text-align: center">1</td>



<tr class="odd"><td colspan="2">aaaa</td></tr>

but I don’t know how to do it with CGridView. Could anyone suggest something?

Thank you very much,


I’d rather use CListView in your case.

AFAIK, if you want to do it with a grid view, you have to write your own grid view class extending CGridView. And it looks much easier using a CListView than writing a customized CGridView to suit your needs.


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if someone met the same problem and googling end up here, just try this solution link groupgridview

Thanks! =D