Cgridview Rows -> On Hover Each Row, Show A Div

HI Yii geeks,

I am seeking help on implementing a hover effect on yii cgridview…

what i have is a gridview with more than 100 rows…

when hovering on each row i need to display a div or at least the customized html title tag…

to get that done… i had to extend the yii cgridview and overrride the beoreRender method.


    * Renders a table body row.

    * @param integer $row the row number (zero-based).


   public function renderTableRow($row) {

      if ($this->rowCssClassExpression !== null) {

         $data = $this->dataProvider->data[$row];

         $title = '';

         if ($this->rowTitle !== null)

            $title = 'title='.$this->evaluateExpression($this->rowTitle, array('row'=>$row, 'data'=>$data));

         echo '<tr '.$title.' class="'.$this->evaluateExpression($this->rowCssClassExpression, array('row'=>$row, 'data'=>$data)).'">';

      } else if (is_array($this->rowCssClass) && ($n = count($this->rowCssClass)) > 0)

         echo '<tr class="'.$this->rowCssClass[$row % $n].'">';


         echo '<tr>';

      foreach ($this->columns as $column)


      echo "</tr>\n";


then i am able to pass the title for each row this way…



what happens is, i get the title tag with the data loaded but need to customized the html title tag (on hover aftre some time only this comes) or else i need to display a div with appropriate data when hovering on each row…

can anyone please throw me piece of bone to get this done…

any quick help is highlight appropriated.


if you don’t mind it may be something look like this?

please check it…

and also check this link i implement the dynamic button on grid view so it may be helpful…

hope it may be helpful this