CGridView problems with custom search

I have 3 tables

-categories (id, description)

-colors (id, description)

-products (id, description, idcategory, idcolor) relations: self::BELONG_TO idcolor0 and idcategory0

In categories/view/{idcategory}, I show also a CGridView with all the products of the category.

The columns are:



-idcolor renamed color that contain colors.description

I set dataprovider as Products::model()->customSearch($idcategory) and filter Products::model().

In customSearch this->{column} does not contain value of $_GET[‘Products’][{column}].

Why in customSearch, $this->{columns} isn’t like $_GET[‘Products’][{columns}] ?

from five days I try to make it work … please help me…

My explanation in this thread may help.