CGridView problem in IE

Hi everybody.

I use some CGridViews in my project. I developed my project on linux and after I finished it, I checked it on IE, and unfortunately I saw that it doesn’t work on it :(

The problem is that when I want to sort the gridview by clicking on it’s headers, the hole GridView disappears.

Another problem is that I have used jQuery dialogs to create and update, and after doing these I update grid view using javascript, but the hole GridView disappears again.

I have these problems only in IE.

Has anybody experienced this problem???

If you need see the code tell me which part to send.


Did you notice any JS error in IE (look at the left part in the bottom)…

No, there isn’t any error reported by IE.

To be sure it is something in your code… did you check if the default CGridView generated by Gii (generate CRUD and check the admin section) works in IE for you ?

Yes, the blog demo works fine in IE.

It was my fault to don’t check my project in IE during development, but now I really don’t know how to start to debug my project :(

Start with the search… the search is done with the filter input fields and the $model->search() method… check what you changed there…

I think the problem is not search. I added a table to the database to test my project and created the model and crud of that table, but the generated CGridView again disappears when I sort it.

Can this problem be caused by layout? Because I have changed the layout of project.

Only the layout should not cause this… but if you added some JS events or some global jQuery ajax defaults… "maybe" they could…

So the CRUD generated by Gii for the new table… without any other modification from you… does not work ?

Did you try the search? Does the search/filtering work ?

I’m asking because on sort and on search the grid is updated by calling the yiigridview.update function… so if even on search the grid disappears it has to be something with the ajax call (refresh) of the grid… on the other side if on search the grid is working… then it’s something else…

Hi, any solution on this, I have the same problem!

Do not use the ‘report’ button for help.

And, if you want help, you need to give more details.

Hi jacmoe, sorry I am very new on all this, but my issue is exactly the same as decribe in the initial post by Mohsen Najaflou, I found in other sites this issue is related with the model, butnobody specify what in the models could cuase this.

I have a fresh crud model with this issue.