Cgridview Problem + Ajax Pagination

Hi! First of all I’m a noob when it comes to yii… I’m working on an application where the user choose columns from a DB table, and it get displayed in a GridView via fancybox. I have a button that sends an ajaxreq, and the controller action that recieves it creates a CSqlDataProvider and renders the gridview partially in a div.

This works nicely the first time, but if the user changes the parameters (adds columns) and clicks the "preview"-button again. The gridview seems to bind duplicate events on pagination/sort etc, as it sends multiple (one for each time I click the preview-button) ajax-requests if I click on another page in the gridview. The action:

public function actionPreview(){ $data=new CSqlDataProvider($stmt, array(


				'keyField' => $key,








    $this->renderPartial('index4', array('data'=>$data),false,true);

And the view (index4)

$this->beginWidget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(







Any idea why this is happening?


Solved it by adding "$(document).off("click.yiiGridView");" right before the ajax-call in the main view…

Dunno if this is a good fix or not…