Cgridview Pagination


I’ve setup a CGridView widget which loads data from an active data provider based on 2 datepickers. To and From (naturally)

However, as I’m clicking on 2, I realized that the data is not sent back and it’s loading all the records, which isn’t what I want unfortunately.

My question is, how can I reattach the dates to the ajax string? I would appreciate any help or any other suggestions as to how to get around this without having to use session values or sending values with GET. I mean if there aren’t any alternatives then I wouldn’t have a choice but I thought it might be worth asking.

Thank you in advanced!

read this topic

Filter CGridView with dateStart and dateEnd :lol:

Thanks but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I wanted to have a date range. I’ve used the session method for now. I’ll still be on the look out.

Thanks again.