CGridView pageSize limit strange issue

Aarrgh! Again, my mistake! :[

[s]Hi there,

I’m feeding CGridView using my model’s search function. And inside it I have something like that:

return new CActiveDataProvider(get_class($this), array






where pageSize is read from configuration.

The thing is that, when user sets pageSize to let’s say 20, and CGridView has only let’s say 2 records, it renders a whole huge empty space below. Looks like it reserves space for last 18 elements, even though they are absent.

This generally looks strange to me. Is it a normal behaviour of CGridView or did I messed something up? Is there any workaround for it? Can I have CGridView showing exactly the amount of records it has, without reserving extra aditional space.



BTW: I can provide screenshot to visualise the problem. [/s]