CGridView not filtering


I have a CGridView which is not filtering and keeps loading when you enter a value. Please see the attachment. It is possible to sort the columns, though.




check console tab in firebug , i think the problem is the ajax function call

paste some code

After entering a value in the CGridView filters, the following error appears on firebug:

TypeError: $.param.querystring is not a function

I don’t know what this means

It might mean that the jQuery script is missing/not found.

that’s a javascript error seems like jquery conflict

Maurizio Domba said the following:


$.param.querystring is called from the yiiGridView.update and is located in the Check your HTML source if you have the included… [/b]

I added in my source code but nothing happens

does gridview not load jquery bbq by default

CGridView loads jQuery by default, so check your html header to see if the jquery script is linked to, or sort out any error there.

Finally I solved the problem. It was a conflict with the jQuery library. Thanks for your support