CGridView - Multiple Values / Rows in Single Cell

Hi. I’m new to the Yii Framework, but it looks very impressive so far. I’m trying to determine how easily it will meet the requirements for a project I’ve been thinking about. In ASP.NET, I remember using templates in the Gridview which gives you the ability (among other things) to put multiple fields, etc. in the same cell. I’d love to know if this is possible within CGridView. Someone mentioned using (‘type’=>‘raw’) for passing HTML tags as is. I’m thinking that I can construct a <DIV class=’…’>…</DIV> string with the layout that I want in a function. I might do something like pass the primary key as a parameter and then lookup/compute the remaining pieces of information. I’d call the function from the column definition portion of the CGridView something like value=funcCall(id).

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Either way, I’m going to install Yii and start plugging away tomorrow.

The idea you explained is possible to do with GridView, as you said using type=row

Let us know if you need further assistence.