CGridView language/pop-up question

Hi guys,

I have two questions concerning CGridView (and other components in general).

  1. How do you internationalize it in a good way? I have tried setting the Yii::app language setting, which solves only part of the problem, i.e. not everything gets translated. I would prefer to have full control of the components.

  2. Using CGridview as an example again. When I use ajaxUpdate with a delete action, I get this pop-up like box asking if the user really wants to delete the item. This is nice, but again I need to be able to translate the contents. I have tried finding the code without success. Do anyone know how to dynamically set this? And how to use those pop-up boxes in general?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Ole Martin

In the case of CGridView delete button you can set the delete message with deleteConfirmation -


I have similar question. Could you write me how set "Displaying 1-8 of 8 result(s)." on my language?

Thanks for replaying.