Cgridview Issue

Hi Yii Users,

Can anyone assist on getting CGridView to list in vertical order?

I am only displaying a collection of images. Users can click on images and be re-directed to individual pages.

As you can see, the width is taking the whole <div>. Thus the images will be displayed by row.

My aim is to list the images as catalog. (eg. 5 images in a row, subsequent rows will follow suit)

Thank you for your assistance.

You can add style to the divs with float:left.

I have tried adding in htmloptions but unfortunately, it is not working too.

Check the generated html source for the proper div tag and add style for it in css file so you don’t have to use htmloptions.

Yes, indeed I have gone through the CSS and source and fortunately, able to change accordingly.

By the way, I created my own CSS class and use "htmlOptions" to use for specific pages only.

Thanks for the heads up, Bizley! :D