CgridView how to update with ajax

i have a CgridView thats being loaded on ajax inside a modal, i want the pagers and filters to update the data via ajax (for now is just making an url request which changes the page to the url that only shows the cgridview). I know the widget has ajaxUpdate property but i don’t know how to use it and i’m not sure if what i’m looking is what the property can do.

the widget:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(










Try use following code (on client):

$('#champions-grid').yiiGridView('update', {

    // data: {paramName : 'paramValue'}; 

    // this is request-data object for $.ajax, for search form can be used: $('#form').serialize();


Probably you have to set "ajaxUrl" property.

I have the same problem. I am opening a view via ajax into a fancybox. That view has a cgridview with filtered data and it shows perfect. The issue is when you try to order or filter by column in that cgridview… filtering is just not working and when try to order, it closes the fancybox and try to load de request into the main browser tab. This behavior is even using ‘ajaxUpdate’=>false. Any idea about how to handle those request into the fancybox itself?