Cgridview Filter Not Submitting

Hello All,

I have a small problem with use of filter in cgriedview. Sort is working ok but filter not, i got error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘loadingClass’ of undefined jquery.yiigridview.js:253

(anonymous function) jquery.yiigridview.js:253

jQuery.extend.each jquery.js:660

jQuery.fn.jQuery.each jquery.js:271

methods.update jquery.yiigridview.js:248

$.fn.yiiGridView jquery.yiigridview.js:382

(anonymous function) jquery.yiigridview.js:132

jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js:3332


What is it?

Please post your CGridView code… also if you are not using the last version of Yii try it…

  <?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(


                                   'dataProvider'=>  $prod->search(),

                                   'filter'=> $prod,



                            )); ?>

in my controller

 $prod=new Products('search');

		$prod->unsetAttributes();  // clear any default values



My problem is, when i use it in another part of my app the filter don’t work :(, i can sort but filter is not working. In the


part all filters are working excellent.

And i need to have this cgriedview in another part of my app!

And how do you use it in that "other part"?

With "other part" i was thinking about


, which is the main page for "products" - there all filters, sort etc. are working good.

Now back to the place, where i have to use this "product-CGridView".

I think, main problem is the url - when i want to use it, url looks like:


and exactly here i need it. I have made just a test, for example i can use my grid without problems in


but, as said in


it dosen’t work. Why?

It was working before for me but with the latest yii version, the ajax request is not submitting ,

progress wheel is rotating indefinitely.

please can some one help?