CGridView filter extension

Hi everyone

I have a generated CRUD with CGridView for article management.

Also i have an extjs treeView which is used to display categories. Articles is contected with Categories with many-to-many relation.

There is a function that catches category-click event.

How can i add hidden field to CGridView filter which will be changed with function and force CGridView ajax update?

Allready done with

'filter'=>'<input type="hidden" name="Content[category_id]" id="update_by_tree" value="'.$model->category_id.'"/>',

And such js in function:

   tree.on('click',function(n) { 



                    } );

And model modification (added public $category_id and modified search method)

hi olexander,

may i ask, is your js tree work when you click to page two or interact with ajax action such search or sort record?, mine not works (ckeditor), i wonder why.

is there any method must i set?