Cgridview Filter and Sort not working dreamhost but work localhost

My CGridview filtering and sorting are not working from dreamhost, but work fine on my localhost pc. It’s the same code. When I click on CGridview from dreamhost - to sort or filter - I get the little round spinning icon for a bit, then nothing. Any help much appreciated.

Update with my solution

Well, after too many hours of failing to correct the problem I switched to a hosted vps, and installed the same version (5.6.21) of linux xampp as on my working windows xampp localhost. CGridview filtering and sorting are now working on the hosted server, and also PHPExcel/EExcelView. I wish I knew the specific reasons for my problems (obviously a code or configuration difference), but after so many days and hours of troubleshooting I’m simply glad I have something that works. I should update my webapp to Yii2 anyway.