CGridView delete problem

i’m pretty sure i’ve seen this mentioned before, but i didn’t find any posts about it just now.

i’m having a problem with the CGridView delete button.

the first time i click a delete button, the item is deleted

and the grid is properly ajax-updated.

after the first time, if i click the delete button for

another row in the grid, the little animation plays forever,

and the grid never ajax-updates (although the item has

actually been deleted from the database).

i just did a fresh install of yii 1.1.1 and made a very simple

toy database, to make sure it’s not something in my code,

and the problem is still happening.

i also didn’t find any bugs filed about the problem.

if this is a known problem and i somehow failed to find

discussion and/or bug reports, my apologies.

if not, please let me know, and i’ll file a bug.


Sorry for resurrecting the topic after more than 1 year, but you can check these kind of AJAX problems using Firebug.