Cgridview Delete Error 400 With Js Disabled

EDIT: Seems like what I’m trying to do with CGridView here is not possible. I will just stick with removing the POST restriction on delete actions.


When I disable JavaScript in the browser, I get an error when clicking on the Delete button in the CGridView table.

This is the error I receive:

my_server is the name of my server and is the same as But this is irrelevant (I’m using pseudo names here anyway).

The problem is related to this block of code in my Meeting controller:

public function filters()


	return array(

		'postOnly + delete', // we only allow deletion via POST request



And this is the code for my delete action:

public function actionDelete($id)




		throw new CDbException('An error occured while trying to delete the meeting. Please try again or something.');





Why won’t my app degrade gracefully when I disable JS? I still want to restrict the delete action to work only on POST requests, but how can I do that? How would I need to change the default delete button in CGridView so that it sends a POST request to delete the row when JS/AJAX is disabled?